3 Reasons to Book an AZ Archery OTC Coues or Mule Deer Hunt

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AZ OTC Archery Deer Hunt

By Zach Lazzari | Photos by Ryan McSparran

Arizona’s monster elk and deer are no secret and neither are the low odds of drawing a tag. You might wait a decade or more before drawing your Arizona dream hunt and that is ok. Bide your time and build the points. There are plenty of other hunts to keep you busy until that lottery ticket produces a tag.

Jumping to other states for big game is an obvious option, especially during the September-November season. Arizona however has a serious opportunity for over-the-counter (OTC) hunts. The OTC archery tags for Coues deer and Mule Deer are among the most flexible tags around in terms of opportunity and the actual hunting timeframe.

Plenty of states have over-the-counter tags for deer so what makes these so special?

1. Prime Units

These aren’t just any tags. You can buy archery licenses in prime units. A rifle tag in these same units would require years of applying. But you can do it on an archery tag anytime. You simply buy a hunting license for the current year and buy your tag over the counter.

No archery hunt is easy, especially in big, open country. But with the help of our guides, and the ability to hunt the best units in Arizona, you’ve got a great shot at killing a trophy Coues deer or mule deer. Why wait when you can make the hunt happen this year?

Arizona Coues Deer Hunt

2. Flexible Dates 

So you have other hunts planned and the calendar is busy. Are you hunting in August? Not many states have August hunts happening for big game but you can chase deer in Arizona before they see any rifle pressure. This is a great opportunity to focus hunts on water and food sources, especially at higher elevations.

December and January are also prime for an archery hunt. Rifle season is past, the guard is down and the deer are heavy on the rut during this time. That means the big bucks are chasing does and are visible and active. It’s a great time to locate the bigest bucks that hide out through the rifle hunts. Not many other states offer this type of opportunity in December and January.

Hunting Camp in Arizona

3. A Wide Range Of Opportunities

Our best units offer tons of country to explore and hunt. Healthy populations of both mule deer and coues deer give us a wide range of options – from thick poderosa forests, down to classic desert country, we’re able hunt it all. Many of these areas also provide our hunters with the opportunity to take javelina. This can be a great bonus on an already exciting hunt.

Comfortable base camps are strategically set close to hot spot zones where the numbers and trophy potential are both excellent. Your odds of having multiple opportunities here are strong. Get in touch to learn more about our OTC archery deer hunts in Arizona with Antler Canyon Outfitters.

If you have specific questions, or to check availability for the 2019/20 season, please contact us online or give us a call at (928) 205-8911.

Zach Lazzari
Zach Lazzari
Zach Lazzari is an outdoor writer, fishing guide, and proud to be a part of the Antler Canyon Outfitters team. Follow Zach at BustedOarlock.com.

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