About Coues Deer Hunting Arizona / New Mexico

Arizona and New Mexico Coues deer hunting might be one of the most underrated opportunities in western big game hunting. These hunts are exciting, and tags are easily available.

For many hunters, this hunt should be an annual tradition.

In December and January, when the weather is cold and snowy, imagine arriving in Arizona or New Mexico to a full-service hunting camp. Amid mild desert temperatures, you and your guide will spend the next six days in pursuit of rutting Coues deer with a bow.

These animals are cagey and challenging. The grey ghost of the desert delivers equal parts frustration and total addiction. These are truly one of the most exciting and rewarding trophies in North America.

Arizona offers over-the-counter archery licenses for Coues deer, plus rifle tags available by drawing. While Arizona is famous for trophy hunts that take years to draw, this state is also rich with immediate opportunity. Over-the-Counter Coues deer opportunities include an early season bow hunt when the deer are in velvet, in addition to the late season archery rut hunts.