Jeffrey C. Zerby, M.D.


After a 10 year quest to finally draw the tags, my hunting buddy, John and I made the grueling drive from PA to hunt the late AZ Unit 1 rifle bull elk season.  Our guide was Toby Weaver, CEO of Antler Canyon Outfitters.  Toby is a 22 year old gentle giant, “standing 6’5 tall, with the strength of an ox.  He and his dad, a diminutive gentleman with a quick wit, guided us to harvesting 2 magnificent bulls by sundown opening day (Black Friday). Mine was a chocolate-horned beauty, pushing 320 inches, who was bedded on a steep mountain bench.  We were precariously perched on top of a sheer rim rock cliff on the opposite side of the canyon for 4 frigid hours in a 50 mph crosswind.  It blew so hard, it toppled over our spotting scope, which we eventually had to secure with big rocks.  It seemed like an eternity till my bull finally stood up and presented me with an ethical shot.  Finally, it happened:  I braced myself at standing height on a bipod and squeezed off one well-placed round from my trusty 300 mag.  Toby shrieked: “You crushed him!”  The trophy dropped like a sack of hot rocks!  I was all hunched over, shaking like a dog crapping razorblades!  Thanks to Toby’s expertise: extensive pre-season scouting, impeccable knowledge of Unit 1 topography, experience in elk movement and encouragement that I could make the shot….. all of this resulted in my trophy of a lifetime.  We swiftly got over across the canyon and completed our butchering tasks.  Since my hobby is making skull mounts, I boiled down and bleached out my massive bull in short order.  It will hang forever in my “man-cave”, a memory which I will never forget – signifying the best hunt I’ve ever been on…quite a tribute to young Toby from this many-hunt veteran 68 yr. old gunslinger!! You might ask, “Will it happen again?”  I am currently working on drawing my youngest son, Nick,  (a Mathews bow hunter fanatic) an early archery bull tag in Unit 1 for next Sept. with Toby.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have no hesitation in rating Toby a 12 for all the extra effort, human relationship expertise, professionalism, humor and hard work he puts into his client’s successes.  He prides himself on “staying small”, providing good old fashioned one-on-one quality, not quantity.  This is a work ethic which is rarely seen in today’s fast-paced world with our distinct lack-of-customer-service modern society..  I give Toby my absolute highest recommendation!!

Lenny Miller


3 tags in Arizona. Second day of the hunt we had a mountain lion bedded at 55 yards. I deer came into drink and the lion thought it was lunch time. Little did he know that we were waiting with an Elite and a RamCat! Thanks Antler Canyon Outfitters!

Jordan Davis


Awesome time chasing deer in AZ with these guys. Can’t wait for the next trip!

Collin Riley


I got the chance to hunt with Antler Canyon Outfitters LLC for mule and coues deer. This hunt was unbelievable and the guides and owner were second to none. If you have time to waste in the winter month of January I would recommend booking a hunt with them. I know I will be again in the future.

Frank Antenori

Peckville, PA

I booked a 6-day archery mule deer hunt for me and my two sons, hunted the rim and the flats. We saw a lot of mule deer and whitetails. We had the opportunity to shoot both, but we were hunting for trophies. We did see two trophy mule deer but could not get a shot. We also saw trophy whitetails. Toby and Titan were excellent guides, real down to earth guys, no fancy frills, real hunters…my type of guys. If you want a sure kill, these are the guys you want, highly recommended. They will give you the type of hunt you want. You call the shots. Good hunting...