Arizona and New Mexico offer a wealth of mule deer hunting opportunities. From highly limited trophy hunts, to over-the-counter archery hunts during the rut, there's no reason you shouldn't be hunting mule deer hunting in Arizona this year.

When most big game seasons have ended in the west, and just about the time cabin fever sets in, that's when we're enjoying some of the country's best mule deer rut hunting! When the cold December weather hits, imagine arriving to sunny Arizona for an exciting spot-and-stalk archery mule deer hunt!

The best news is that these archery tags are available over-the-counter! In addition to the late season rut hunts, there is also an over-the-counter early season hunt, which provides an opportunity to hunt bucks that are still in velvet.

Yes, Arizona is known for its trophy mule deer hunts that take years or even decades draw. But the state is also home to some of the best over-the-counter hunts anywhere in the west.

Camps and Location

Arizona mule deer are at home in the remote hills and canyons of this beautiful desert country. Mule deer hunters should expect to cover plenty of country, both on foot and through the glass.

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